If anyone ever actually somehow stumbles upon my blog and decides to investigate, I’d like to say – Congrats, you’re probably the first and last person to ever be on here. I’ve never owned a diary or a journal so I’ve never had to write anything personal. So this is a new experience for me – the hidden meaning behind that being; this is my tenth draft and I swear each time it just gets worse so I’m leaving it at this.
Here goes…

My name is Georgie and I was born in Australia. I’m nineteen years old.
Onto the bigger stuff –

Why am I here?
I honestly didn’t think the question was a hard one until I actually sat down and started to write. I usually answer any form of question with,
“I’m not sure.”

“You decide.”

“I don’t mind.”

Any question that needs a longer response to someone I’m unfamiliar with usually results in mumbled nonsense and a face so red it should be on youtube. So have patience while I stumble through this.

In short, I’m here because I’m hoping that applying to study at the University of Wollongong will be one of my better decisions. I’ve survived the week so I suppose you could say I’m now optimistic. Even though I’ve started and all that wonderful jazz, I still don’t know an awful lot – Like what i’m going to major in or even if this is the bachelor for me. The only thing I’m sure of (get ready to cringe) is that it’s my goal in life to be happy. Incredibly cliche but it’s about to get worse. In contrast, one of my biggest fears is allowing myself to fall into a tedious routine and grow old, reaching a stage where it’s just too late to break out of. Once I realised this, I realised how important my choice of employment is going to be in regards to how happy I will be as I grow.

During year 12, I realised that a bachelor of Communications and Media Studies could definitely put me onto this path. I’m incredibly interested in the more emotional, creative and evolving aspect of living and I believe that BCM definitely applies. During my travels overseas last year, my decision was definitely cemented when I realised the freedom and opportunity I could get out of this bachelor. And after writing all of this, I can tell you that I’m actually incredibly excited to be here.

Until next time,

  • Georgie.

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