Copyright or Wrong?


What this blog post comes down to is only one word. One word that most creative content users on the internet either love or hate.


But what actually is it?

Copyright is a law that gives you ownership over the things you create. It’s original intent was to protect the rights of the person who originally created anything – Text, artworks, music, computer programs, films and music. Many people now through are questioning copyright, its purpose and who it is actually helping.

“We shouldn’t think that copyright is the only way, or even the best way to encourage creativity in our society.”

If you’re interested in more:
– Source 1
– Source 2
– Source 3


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  • Georgie

3 thoughts on “Copyright or Wrong?

  1. I think Copyright is now so internationally known that I don’t think there is a large amount of people that do not know that works immediately are copyrighted. Most people know this and because of the media and articles with music, its now publicly aware. With Fair use, the owner can’t view it as copyright, they can make claims, but the main point of fair use is so people can add more to the original content, content can’t be copied, but if the content is changed or something added to for entertainment and satirical then its licence as fair use.

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  2. Hey Georgie!

    Really enjoyed this post, some key points were made! Especially liked the point you made in your Sound-Cloud about how easy it is to be reserved under Copyright. It would have been good to include how its the expressions of ideas of an original work as well as how easy it is to be protected under copyright! Also, I was intrigued with the last quote on creativity! Never would of thought of that, excellent point along with a brilliant post!


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  3. Interesting points! I agree that there are many positive and negative attributes of copyright and it really is hard to determine whether it is doing more harm than good. I believe it’s true that the copyright system is built on money, and a legal system that was originally built to increase creativity, but overtime has reduced it in some forms. We can’t forget that it’s also a good thing because artists and creators of all forms wouldn’t keep creating if they believed just anyone could steal their work and claim it as their own, and it also does encourage people to make and produce new works.

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