Private or Public?



A new evolution of digital media is upon us. The newest data increasingly supports the fact that internet users (especially younger users) are starting to avoid large, inherently open social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter) for the more ‘closed’ platforms that allow more of a private and intimate environment (Messenger, Snapchat). Twitter is an example of having realised the need to combat this trend and they did this by creating their new feature that  allows direct-messaging.

The scales that used to tip towards those open platform medias are now tipping downwards, and this is due to the ever-growing digital social network with its social media and updates that used to be many of the reasons for its success. The word ‘open’ itself is the root of the problem – These social spaces are too public and traceable. Anyone can see exactly what you’re been up to, what you’re thinking and who you’re with. Closed platform’s are exactly that – They are private, allowing a considerably more tailored and personal digital and social experience, focusing on you and your life rather than sharing it with millions of others.

Which do you prefer?



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  • Georgie

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