Annotated Bibliography

Digital Artefact – The Wandering Diaries

Myself and two other students have created a digital artefact in the form of a website. Our website, The Wandering Diaries, revolves around the concept of a public bucket list, a list that our users will make alongside us. We still have a long way to go but we are happy with what we have achieved so far. These ten sources are ones that have helped us get to where we are now. They have inspired and influenced us in regards to our digital artefact and its content.

Starting WordPress:
– TechnologyGuru, 2015, WordPress 101, online video, 9 October, Youtube, viewed 17 April, <>.

  • We picked this introductory video because it was the most recent (6 months old), so we knew that there would be very little changes since the video was made. The length of the video being 17 minutes and 20 seconds was the most realistic and easily followed as opposed to others. The visual aspects definitely helped in explaining what it was he was verbally telling us. This is especially relevant when he was describing the difference between pages and posts. Through the visual aid of the video of his computer screen he was able to show us that pages are different entities and posts are actually put into the pages. It also showed us possible things we can do in the future such as Favicon, for when we have a more capable handle on our blog.

– Wordpress 2016, FAQ, Viewed 22 April, <>.

  • This codex was a great starting point when we first started composing our blog. Whenever we had any problems we were able to go onto this fact sheet, follow the links and read where we were going wrong. The fact that it was easy to navigate definitely helped in a speedier resolution. One of the problems with this source though was the complexity of it regarding certain aspects. The terminology was sometimes difficult to comprehend and at times could become overwhelming because of how much information was present. Videos and other visual aids would definitely prove to be beneficial.

Starting our Blog Posts:

– Rowse, D 2008, Nine Signs of an Effective Blog Post, ProBlogger, viewed 22 April 2016, <>.

  • This source was completely relatable and I think that’s why it helped so much when I was faced with the daunting task of starting to write blog posts for our digital artefact. The post is set out in the cleanest way to allow for an easier understanding of what it is they are trying to convey.
    One of the first things we noticed when reading this blog post was the importance of an about page – something we were going to skip. It also talks about ‘action,’ in regard to every blog post and how important it is. After reading this article we made sure that our viewers are able to share, like and comment on each of our posts.

Smith, J 2013, ‘How To Make Your Blog Get Real Attention,’ Forbes, 6 August, viewed 21 April 2016, <>.

  • This article goes over blogging strategies and additional tips of how to gain attention. Attention is something essential in regards to our blog because its success strongly depends on submissions. Overall, this source gave us a lot of information to put forth towards our digital artefact. It goes over aspects such as responding to all comments (both negative and positive), and the importance of SEO (search engine optimisation), which is something I had no knowledge in. A negative is that the ad’s throughout this article were very distracting and actually decreased the appeal. This has helped us come to the realisation that we want no ads throughout our blog.

 Findlay, A, Brown, D & Brown, J 2013, 501 Must- Take Journeys, Bounty Books, London.

  • When writing each blog post for our website I always refer back to this book. Each different journey has the headings, ‘how, when to go, time it takes, highlights, you should know.’ This feature is hugely important in regards to what we want our website to achieve in regards to our content. What someone else has done will be made possible for another through the information our blog provides, giving the required information to go about it fully prepared and at the best time possible. In this book a photo encompasses each page regarding some aspect of the journey and that’s something that we have drawn inspiration from. There’s also categorisation within the book. Each journey is split into countries. We realised that if we want to achieve a large number of submissions we too would need a system of categories.

– Leah 2016, LeahLiyah, viewed 17 April 2016, <>.

  • The activities, destinations, people and events vary largely in each of Leah’s pictures within her Instagram,  which is one of our biggest aims. We want our blog to encompass inspirational moments and events regarding ANY aspect of life. Each photo is her own, which in itself is inspiring. We too have been trying to include our own photos to our posts because we believe it makes the post more personal and real. The only problem is the lack of description within her Instagram pictures. Those who wish to know the location or any information regarding the picture are unable to because of the lack of information and are swamped by the hundreds of comments. This has helped us realise what we want when we make our own Instagram.

– Kayla, 2015, My Bucket List, Kayla Blogs, weblog post, 3 August, viewed 22 April 2016,

  • Although Kayla’s blog is not centred around the concept of a bucket list, it still has many aspects that we too wish to include in our blog. Her blog is incredibly clean and easy to navigate while still having its own style. She also has included a widget of her Instagram on the side which is a further addition to her blog, something that we too hope to do within the next few weeks. Kayla has a blog post dedicated to her own bucket list and this is where she further influences us. Instead of just having a bucket list that only includes travelling (which is the case for other blogs), she also includes headings of ‘Blogging, Monetary, Career, Life, Skills, Adventures, Fitness/Health, Relationships.’ We too want our bucket list to be more than just travelling adventures.

– Lonely Planet, 2016. Twitter, viewed 21 April 2016, <>.

  • Lonely Planet’s Twitter page is a source of inspiration in many aspects. Their regularity of posting a tweet every hour of every day is something we are trying to aspire to. In our case, we are hoping to reach the point where we have enough online interaction to receive a submission hourly. Their 3.41 million followers helps to portray how effective constant participation in blogs and social media is, in regards to effectiveness and growth. The consistency in using hashtags also drove the fact that we too need to be using tags in our posts. This will help link our posts together while also getting our posts out there for when people google our tags as key terms. Their hyperlinks makes their tweets shorter and cleaner looking, something we have used in our website on our page, ‘The List.’

Allen, O 2015, Which Social Network Should You Advertise On?, Hubspot, weblog post, 11 June, viewed 20 April 2016, <>.

  • This is a unique source in regards to the fact that it talks about both the pros and the cons of advertising on each of the four major media platforms of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. I went through countless different sources and none ever talked about the downsides. The additional of visual aids for each of the four helped us in visualising the end result of each social media advertisement. This information made us realise that we wish to focus more on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It would of been a better source if they also had information regarding Instagram.

– Schaffer, N 2016, 11 Effective Way to Use Social Media to Promote Your Content, Content Marketing Forum, viewed 17 April 2016, <>.

  • This source helped to enforce how important it is to promote our content just as much as actually writing the content. It states that images receive more engagement, especially on media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Through this we were able to form our next immediate plan of action – to create an Instagram with visually appealing images from each blog post submission. One of the greater things about this source were the comments. These allowed different insights into the discussion that differed from the original writer’s. Once again though, the ads were distracting and made the post overwhelming.


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