From Participatory Culture to Public Participation


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Recent years have seen a transformation in the type of content available to us on the internet. From the early 2000s, user-generated content has become increasingly popular on the internet. More and more users are now participating in content creation, rather than just consumption.

These popular user-generated content (social media) domains include blogs, web forums, photo and video sharing communities, social networking platforms (Facebook and Twitter). These social Media facilitates new forms of content creation and individual expression. With the rise of participation and number of members online, so too has the participatory rate increased. This is because participation has become addictive.
Your message is broadcast directly > Has far reaching implications > Implications become more dramatic > Content production is spread wider > More power.

The problem is that a lot of content online is not accurate. Censorship is very limited in Western Countries (Australia and the USA). They censor inappropriate things as opposed to incorrect facts taken as newsworthy and as the truth. This mades it harder to determine source credibility.

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