“Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal.”

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“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Being inspired by great things and then combining/transforming them into something new is what it is really all about. Banksy is a perfect example of this and will often take pre- existing graffiti and made a social or political statement by adding to it.



Photo found here

One of his biggest examples being his largest ever project, a full-scare infiltration and ‘remix,’ of Bristol City Museum. The museum’s treasures remain, though they have been give a different context.

Bansky himself has had his own work further remixed in the form of spinning off tributes, animated GIFS, to real life reenactments of his characters. An example is photographer Jess Friesen’s tribute to the artists by remaking and remixing a large number of Banky’s work in miniature lego. His series is called “Bricksy.”





(Images found here)

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