The Curated Self


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The word ‘curator’ is now being applied to the very nature of one’s digital identity. With people constantly adding to and amending their identity in digital terms (from tweets to Instagram photos), they themselves are becoming curators of how their ‘virtual self’ appears to the world.

Facebook and other social media allow users to present a curated self. The curated self is made up of photos, videos, status updates, tweets, blogs, comments, likes, emails, texts and check-ins. Each little update, each individual bit of social information is insignificant on its own. But taken together, over time, the little snippets form together into a portrait of who you are.

The problems:

  • Other people can have a hand in influencing your curated self. It’s possible for your curated self to be controlled and manipulated.
  • It’s incredibly easy for people to project a version of what and who they want to be into their social channels. In some cases, the gap between reality and the digital version can be sticking and troubling, psychologists say. It is now harder to read the ‘signals’ from someone’s curated self to get an immediate, instrintive idea about who they really are.

No one is immune to ‘The Curated Self.’ If you have a digital presence, you have to curate it. It is your responsibility to take care of it.

This is mine:
I can already guarantee that the impression you’ll get of me will not be accurate.

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