University and Gender stereotypes

I’m sure we’re all aware of the stereotypical belief (a very old belief), that men should be the ones to continue on with their education while a female should only worry about her family and the household duties that come with it.

I’m lucky enough to of been born into a generation where it is no longer a rarity for a female to go to university to further her education. Women are no longer categorised as a ‘Stay at Home Mum,’ but as powerful and intelligent entities that can continue on with their education if they so wish to. The same privilege given to men.

I’ve always been curious to find out the extent of how far we have come in regards to this change. I’ve also always been curious to know if there are any modern families that still hold onto the belief that it should only be a male that continues onto university? And if so, how many families? This leads me into the question of;

How have gender stereotypes changed over the years in regards to the difference in gender attendance at university? What I believe to be so beneficial and interesting about this question is due to the countless questions I can delve into it in relation. If there is a change, has this progressed into the workplace? If so, how? If not, why not?

For a majority of the statistics (regarding this change of gender attendance over the generations) I will be doing my own individual research and making my own judgements regarding information that has already been conducted by academics. This is mostly due to their greater access of willing participants on a much greater scale. Surveys will then be completed by a specific number of people from specific generations. Half will these participants will be female, half will be male. Through these surveys I hope to get opinions and answers regarding any social and family pressures over their choice of going to university or not, why they think these pressures existed or didn’t, etc. I will then move on to specific personal interviews (once again, with a specific number of people from specific generations), to get a more detailed understanding. A focus group created with these interviewees will be even more beneficial because the contrast between the difference in attendance at university of the two genders during specific generations will be made even clearer.

Any participation within any of my research methods will be completely voluntary (with the requirement of being eighteen or older) as I intend to be respective of all participants free will and opinions. I will also guarantee that all participants are happy with my research and conclusion that will only be able to be achieved because of their insights.

I am really excited to go into further research regarding my focus question because I believe that the results will showcase how far our society has come in terms of gender equality and the banishment of gender stereotypes. Alongside this, we will also be able to see the progress that still needs to be made.

If anyone is interested in being a part of my research, feel free to drop anything in the comments. A website you think might be relevant, your own experiences, or any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance,



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