My Project Update

I am very happy to announce that I have recently changed my topic for my BCM research project. My original question was much too broad which would definitely hinder the success of my project. I now have a much more interesting, narrow and relevant topic that relates to every single university student…

‘How are young university students at UOW balancing between their social, work and uni life?’ This particular question interests me so much because I know I struggle continuously with balancing between these difference aspects.

So what progress have I made?
I thought that the most convenient and beneficial way to go about getting the data needed for my new project topic would be to compose a survey. I’ve written all of the question and I’m just in the process of moving everything onto Survey Monkey. Keep an eye out because in a few days I’ll be posting the link to my survey and it would be great if anyone and everyone could please participate in it/ Alongside this I am also in the process of composing questions for a Focus Group Interview that will allow me to delve deeper into particular UOW student’s lives and the balance within.

The background research I have made has really helped me fine-tune each question I have included. It’s really amazing the findings I have come across and I can’t wait to share them all with you. I also cannot wait to see what the results are of each of the methods I plan on using to collect all of the necessary data. I’m looking forward to finding out if anyone else is in the same struggle boat as I am, alongside learning how/if students prioritise and deal with the balancing of work, university and their social life.

If anyone has any additional comments or relevant sources feel free to comment below.
Talk to you soon,


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