My Pitch

I was faced with a pretty big dilemma tonight. My dreams of watching the newest episode of Game of Thrones came crashing down when my ‘Foxtel Friend,’ became my ‘Swamped in uni work that’s due at 8am tomorrow morning so an all nighter is necessary Foxtel Friend.’

She suggested we wait until next Monday night.
Next Monday night.
As in seven days away.
Seven. Days.

I didn’t even wait two minutes before I logged out of that conversation and logged onto a website that was going to give me much happier content. A glorious website full of viruses and an abundance of slightly creepy advertisements for ‘escorts.’ A small price to pay if it meant I could watch Game of Thrones online. Sure, the quality didn’t allow me the high definition shots of Jon Snow that the big screened Foxtel allowed, but its a small price to pay if it meant I could watch Game of Thrones instantly.

Unfortunately, like every time I watch something online illegally (shh), a little sprinkle of guilt flickered into life. I used to be pretty desensitised to the whole ‘piracy, its a crime‘ issue because it never became my problem and it never had a direct impact on me or anyone I knew. It wasn’t until a few years ago when a few too many of my favourite tv series began to stop making further seasons because they were getting too much online traffic and not enough live traffic, that I became more aware of this reoccurring problem.



Picture found here.

This lead me to my research question of;

What is the biggest reason for individuals illegally downloading movies and tv series in 2017?

Within the Media, Audience and Place study, I will focus more on the Audience aspect. In particular the media audience engagement within the pirating sector of the world’s movies and television. I’ll be focusing on the WHY of the issue, not the how or when.
I will hopefully answer this question through various primary and secondary research.

My first method of primary research will be to conduct a survey asking questions such as:

  • What people watch their movies/tv series on (Television, Netflix, online or illegally).
  • If they’ve ever illegally downloaded movies/tv series
    If yes;
    > How many times a week/month.
    > What is the reason behind this? (Money, convenience, preference, date releases being later in Australia, etc).
    > Any feelings of guilt while downloading or watching?

This survey will be posted onto my Twitter page and the BCM Facebook page with the hashtag #BCM241 to gain traffic. I’ll be on the lookout for particular trends within my results. I believe it will also be beneficial to conduct a focus group. This will allow me to delve deeper into the responses of participant’s perspectives, asking followup questions and for further detail. This is important because a survey cannot achieve this collaborative ethnography practice. I will have to guarantee that I organise my time well between both myself and my interviewees as this could potentially be a problem due to the larger amount of time I will have to spend conducting it. Both forms of primary research will allow me to gain valuable quantitative (focus group)  and qualitative (survey) data.  I will maintain moral and ethical responsibility through the practice of interviewing and surveying those that are 18+, allowing anonymity and avoiding sensitive subjects.

Throughout these processes I will be conducting further research through academic sources to help aid the facts I present. I look forward to finding out what is discovered.

Until next time,

  • Georgie.

One thought on “My Pitch

  1. I like your blog! I enjoy your writing style and the light colours of your blog. It is very easy to navigate and I am glad you added an about page so we can get to know you. The only thing I would add is a picture to personalise your blog a little more! 🙂


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