The Cinema ‘Experience.’

When looking over statistics regarding the plunge down of cinema goers, a suggest to turn this plunge around is focusing more on the ‘experience,’ of cinemas instead of other factors such as ‘convenience,’ etc.

In February of this year I went to St George Open Air Theatre on the Sydney Harbour. I went with my four siblings and my mother and father from my home town which is a bit over two hours away – A surprising feat. It’s hard enough for us all to find the time to spend together at home let alone go to Sydney together and back. We made it happen, despite the obstacles, because we wanted it to happen, because this cinema experience was going to be something new and exciting that we hadn’t even done before.




I can tell you right now that I would never be able to get the whole family to go to the Empire cinema in my home town. No exaggeration, it would just never happen because we just weren’t interested enough. I think this goes to show how important the ‘experience,’ is going to be when watching a movie – How much you actually want to watch it and how much effort you’re actually going to put into making it happen. This doesn’t happen often these days because cinema experiences don’t excite us as much as they once did. The movie itself has to excite someone enough to get them to go the cinemas but often enough this excitement isn’t enough when someone knows they can just watch it online.

I believe that if more cinemas looked into adding to their own ‘experience’ through various ways, they could really up their numbers.


Until next time,

  • Georgie.






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