Reflecting back onto BCM241

In my opinion, the best blogs are the ones that have their own voice and put their own unique spin onto the things they’re writing about. This is especially important now with the incredible increase in blogging. There has been an increase from 152 million blogs in 2013 to 350 million blogs in July, 2017. This means that I’m swirling around through the big wide web with three hundred and fifty million other bloggers all trying to get attention. To make matters even worse, I just stumbled (the internet is wonderful) onto a website that reveals how many blogposts are made each today. Today’s statistics? 4,715,000 posts. TODAY. As in one day. Twenty four hours.

Deep breaths Georgie. Just ignore the statistics. You can do this. Just think of all the successful blog posts you’ve already written and how far you’ve come.

Just thinking about my blog posts makes me cringe a little because I’m always reminded of my very first blog post. I remember spending hours and hours on the short 250 word posts because I just couldn’t seem to find my own unique ‘voice.’ I agonised over how I should write it. Should I be funny? Or was that not intelligent enough? Was sarcasm going too far? But sarcasm is all I have, how can I not be sarcastic? Okay, I’m just going to be smart and to the point. But where’s the fun in that? I want to stand out. Okay, back to funny. But is there such thing as too funny?
OVER AND OVER IT WENT until I was back to step one at least 13 different times.

Thinking back on this makes me realise how far I’ve come. I’m a lot quicker in my writing of blog posts because I’m a lot more comfortable writing them. I believe that thats a huge benefit of writing weekly. I’ve become so familiar with writing blog posts that they’ve become a lot more enjoyable for me to write and easier to find my ‘voice’ each and every time.

I believe that this ‘voice’ also comes through with the visual appeal of my blog. I obviously want my blog post too look appealing and to represent who I am as a person and I’ve tried my hardest to achieve this. I’ve done this through my colour choices, the font of the writing, the layout, the pictures, etc. I also need my blog to be easily navigated because if my viewers are having trouble with my site then its very likely they’ll get frustrated and just click the dreaded red x (something I’m very familiar with).

Even though it’s great that I feel more comfortable writing, I do still have to be careful that I don’t focus too much on my own thoughts and ideas and forget to back them up with further information – Something that I have been criticised earlier on when writing these posts. Using a variety of credible sources is essential to good public writing so ever since I’ve received this feedback I’ve been trying to incorporable more referencing, links and academic research. I make it a point to always exercise ethical conduct and to give credit where it is due, especially because doing this makes my writing more accurate and trustworthy to my readers.

One of my proudest moments involving this blog was when I looked at my statistics and realised that I had a range of viewers from various countries. To be honest, it isn’t a huge number but its definitely a start. This variety in viewers proves how important tagging and sharing is when it comes to diverse range of viewers. Another benefit of weekly blogging is how familiar I’ve become with these post features.


Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 8.53.51 pm.png


Despite these positive aspects, there are also particular things that I have become lax in. In 2016 I was very punctual and regular with my twitter promotions regarding all of my blog posts. Unfortunately, due to my unfamiliarity and lack of interest, I slowly stopped using twitter in 2017 which resulted in a complete lack of awareness regarding any new blog posts to my followers. This is evident when looking at my statistics. In 2016 I had 262 views which decreased dramatically in 2017 to a measly 77. Despite the lack of improvement, these statistics do show that I have a number of loyal followers. I’ve had 262 views from 99 viewers, suggesting that each viewer has returned to my blog for a second or third time.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 8.52.55 pm.png



When looking at the ‘Referrers’ section of my statistics it is proven that Twitter is where more than 3/4 of my traffic comes from. This makes it essential to improve and to constantly keep up with my twitter usage, something that I’m going to actively improve on in the future. I only have eleven email subscribers which is something I’m going to have to try and improve on considering that is where most blogs find their loyal following.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 8.53.22 pm.png

This audience awareness is incredibly important for any blogger. I always try to emphasis feedback, likes and comments (like you’ll see at the bottom of this blog post) and I even promote going onto my twitter page by having it on the right hand side of every page on my blog. This is essential because its important to open myself up to my viewers and let them know that I believe that they’re important in my blog domain and that I value them and their thoughts.

I know I have a long way to go in terms of having a blog that I’m 100% satisfied with but despite this, I’m very happy with the progress I have made and my acknowledgement of the things that I have to improve on. I’m lucky to have the peers and resources to make these changes a manageable and possible success.

If you have any feedback on my blog or my posting I would love it if you commented in the comment section 🙂
Until next time,

  • Georgie.






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